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Six String Lap Steel

     The music industry does not really need another lap steel company so we are not.  Our lap steels can be upgraded to include palm pedals with minimal expense.  Check the six and eight string models below and see what you think. We offer a range of pickup choices including Tele and Strat configurations.

Eight String Lap Steel

     The eight string lap steel is a small lightweight lap guitar that is easy to carry and has a rich sound.  For more sustain and that steel tone, one or two sustain weights can be added under the bridge or the nut, or both to make this lap sound like a train.

Palm Pedal Lap Steels

     We have a six string lap steel with a palm pedal for playing minor chords.  What you say, a palm pedal for minor chords?  You read it right. How many times have you wanted to be playing that lap or slide chord with all six strings and then you have to slant the bar, play just a couple of strings to get the minor 3rd note but the bottom drops out?  Check out our Cypress Lap 6 Minor sound clip.

Cypress 6 String Trilogy Lap Steel

     This is a 6 string lap steel with the HipShot Trilogy.  This gives you 729! different tunings on one lap steel.

Cypress 8 String E9th Lap Steel w/Palm Pedals

     The 8 string E9th Lap Steel is a light weight alternative to a Nashville E9th ten string with 3 floor pedals.

     As the story is told, the band is one the bus and the guitar player gets an idea for a song. He calls out for everyone to grab their instruments and join in.  The bass player pulls his bass up next to the drummer who is using the arm rest for rhythm.  The guitar player is strumming along and the pedal steel player is watching everybody else.

    So what should the steel player do?  Ask the bus driver to pull over so and let him or her get the steel out from under the bus.  After all this commotion, the moment of creativity would surely fade away.  The steel player is just left out of the jam because it is not practical to set it up in the bus isle.  What's the solution?  Glad you asked.

     The Cypress 8 String Palm Pedal is the solution. Weighing under 15 lbs.  This steel can be put in a gig bag, in the overhead compartment and can be played standing up like the guitar and bass player.  Due out in July, come see it at the Nashville NAMM Show.

Lap Steels

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