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    Here at Cypress Guitars, we are more than just another custom guitar shop.  Our specialty is string bender guitars. Our invention, The SteelBender VS, just received the U.S. Patent Pending designation and will be available in a few weeks.

    We build Parsons-White Bender guitars, Cypress Guitars SteelBender VS, HipShot Products Bender guitars, or Bigsby Palm Pedal Bender guitars.  All of our six string guitars are available with SteelHead which is a heavy polished steel imbedded in the peg head for more sustain.

    Our string bender guitars and basses are finding their way around Nashville.  Check the list of musicians.

    Check out our 4 and 5 string FretNot basses.  This is a great instrument not found anywhere else.

    Do you have a dream guitar that you design and we build but don't want to get a second job to pay for it?  Email or call us.  Go to the Contacts link and let's kick around an idea. You will be surprised at what we can do.

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