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FretNot Bass Guitars

    Similar to what we said earlier, the music industry does not need another bass guitar company so we are not.  Our newest design is called the FretNot Bass 4.  The four string model has frets up to and including the 7th fret. Above that, it is fretless.  This gives the versatility of two basses in one. Much of our bass playing is below the 7th fret.  For slurs, vibrato’s hop up above the 7th fret and you have a totally different sounding bass.

    The FretNot Bass 5 is the same as the four string but has the lower B string.

HalfHead FretNot

    This design is a bit different in that there is some small head stock beyond the zero fret.  Much like a guard rail that keeps us from falling off the balcony, we have a small head stock and does not require special double ended ferule strings.  So you can use your favorite strings on our rear tuner design.

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