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Bender Guitars 

     We will build most any bender guitar design you like. Our specialty is the Parsons White B-Bender.  Our new G bender design can be added to a guitar for double bender control.  This new design has some improvements over the popular Glaser G bender which is controlled by a lever behind the neck plate.  This improvement here prevents the pull control arm from bending out too far because it is enclosed within the body.

    We install Bigsby ™ Palm Pedals. Bigsby ™ was recently purchased by our friend and fellow palm pedal guitar genius, Dan Balde. Read his ‘Where’s the Steel’ and visit his web site here.  If your preference is HipShot, we are an authorized distributor and we will set you up.

     Interested in retaining that vintage Telecaster value? Try our new SteelBender VS. This is a new invention from our sister company, SteelBender Innovations,  The SteelBender VS attaches using existing Telecaster ™ strap buttons and is operated just like the Parsons b-bender.  The stroke is the same and lets you control the b string bend just like the real thing without permanent alteration of your guitar.

Pre-Assembled and Finished Bender Bodies

     If you want to build your own bender guitar, we will sell you a pre-routed, finished, guitar body with a Parsons style bender installed.

     Gibson/Epiphone stop tailpiece bender guitars now have a great solution.  The Epiphone EZ-Bender. This simple invention lets you mount a bender on your Les Paul or ES-335.  The installation kit comes complete with instructions, an installation video and training video by The Bender Guy himself, our friend, Dan Schafer.    


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